Experienced 3D Artist, World Builder, Game Designer, and Game Engine Enthusiast. Passionate about games, and dedicated to mastering the craft.


Lead Designer, Unity Specialist, 3D Artist - Modern Coalition

Kansas City, Ks - Worked remotely in Omaha, Ne — 2015

  • Small startup working on a Political Social Mobile experience.


  • Game Design: Creating everything from Systems, UI/UX, FTUE, and Base Gameplay.
  • Unity Specialist: Focus on getting assets from artist incorporated to unity engine, setting up, and ensuring they were added to game properly.
    • With this I also managed art guidelines, import requirements, file/folder system.
  • UI/UX: Along with the design of UI/UX, I also created that UI/UX inside of Unity. Utilizing uGUI and later NGUI.
  • Prototype Development: At the start of the project, I created the initial prototype to show to Investors. This Included:
  • All C# code to create base user interaction and responsiveness.
  • All prototype Art.
  • Unity Layout
  • UI/UX design in uGUI.


3D Artist, Game Designer, World Builder, Unity Specialist- SkyVu Entertainment

Omaha, Ne — 2012 - 2014

  • Mid sized Mobile Game developer with a team of around 45 people. Created popular Battle Bears game series.


  • Battle Bears Gold:
    • Modeled, UV Mapped, and Rigged New Characters
    • Modeled, UV Mapped New Levels and weapons
    • Menu Editing (Menu was 3D world space based)
    • VFX creation
  • Battle Bears Ultimate:
    • Modeled, UV Mapped, and Rigged New Characters
    • Modeled, UV Mapped New Levels and weapons
    • World Building and Level Design
    • Including Lighting, Lightmapping, and effect placement.
    • Created Levels designed for 4v4 multiplayer
    • Pipeline: Playable Greybox > Model all level objects (terrain, models, effects) > Creating all colliders and play assets to a scene.
    • Optimization and Modular Level building
    • Running on Unity levels had between 3 -5 draw calls.
    • Developed and Documented 3D Art pipeline guidelines
    • VFX Creation using Unity Shuriken Particles
  • Project Rum Monkey : Unannounced/Unreleased Project
    • Senior Game Designer and Product Vision Holder
    • Responsible for all aspects of design, including Mechanics, Systems, Art, Monetization, etc.


IT Manager - Sympateco Inc.

Omaha, Ne — 2015

  • In Charge of maintaining server and desktop computer equipment for National Fabrication company.


  • Maintain computers and software on 60+ computers.
  • Create SOP’s  for computer needs.
  • Maintain Company wiki
  • Administrate Google Apps
  • Create and Edit company videos
  • Created plan to implement 35+ workstation thin clients


Westwood College
BA Game Art and Design— 2009 - 2012                                                                                    

  • Studied Game art and Design. Focused primarily on 3D Game art and World Building. Personally focused on learning Game Engines.



  • Learner - Never stop learning, constantly trying to improve and learn new and better techniques.
  • Focus on Game Engines. Personal focus on learning more about game engines. Specifically Unity3D and Unreal Engine 4
  • Software: 3DS Max, Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, Quixel Suite, Substance Designer, Substance Painter
  • Intermediate Skills in C# and Unreal Blueprints
  • Strong knowledge of technology and electronics


Available upon request.